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Infra heat radiator controller

Intelligent, industrial temperature controllers for systems with 1-4 zones and with 1 or 2 radiators. Along with the product, we offer an expense analysis with graphic display of the last 4 years with monthly breakdowns.

EVO-1, EVO-2, EVO-3, EVO-4

EVO series

Technical information

  • They come with a reasonable menu structure which makes optionalizing the heating system easy.
  • The system may be supplemented with a PC keyboard if needed.
  • Allows for handling various demands, with numerous input and output connections.


  • Can be operated by multiple access level users to avoid accidental changes.
  • Menu language: Hungarian, German, English
  • Comes with a box of IP65 protection (defense against dust, oil, water drops)
  • Can operate exterior and interior temperature sensors.

Recommended to

To anyone, who prefers a simple interface operated by buttons, and displays that are easy to see through.

Download universal instruction manual HERE