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Privacy policy

1. Overview

The protection of personal information is important to SELECTRONIC 2000 Hungary Kft.

The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform you about our privacy policy, and to help you in privacy related matters, when using websites and services.Our goal is to protect your private information with the same care as ever, in accordance to the law, and with complete transparency.(You; client, potential future client, visitor of this website, or other person on their own authority who is in contanct with us.) Our contanc information is below and at the end of this privacy policy.

2. Phrases guide

Personal information: Any information related to an identified ot identifiable person on their own authority (concerned); an identifiable person on their own authority is any person, who is diretly or indirectly identifiable by name, number, location information, online identifier, or a person on their own authority who is identifiable by specifics if their physical, genetical, intellectual, economical, cultural, or social attributes. Personal information are capable to directly or indirectly identify you.

Handling of personal data: Any action or sum of actions either automatically or not automatically,involving personal data or stocks of personal data such as collecting, recording, systematization, segmenting, storing, modifícaion or changing, query, inspecting, usage, communicating, distributing or other methods of making them accessible, synchronizing or connecting, limiting, deleting or destroying.

Data handler: A person on their own authority, a legal person, a public authority, an agency or any other authority that determines the purposes and means of the data handling; if the purposes and means of the data handling are determined by laws of the EU or laws of a member state, the data handler or the aspects of designating a data handler can be determined by laws of the EU or the laws of a member state. In regards of personal data SELECTRONIC 2000 Hungary Kft. is regarded as the data handler.

Data processor: A person on their own authority, a legal person, a public authority, an agency or any other authority that processes personal data in the name of the data processor.

3. What kind of personal data do we collect and handle?

The data collected and handled by us is usually the following

Identification data: To be a registered clinet of SELECTRONIC 2000 Hungary Kft. The name, address, phone number, email address and tax number of the company is required. If you wish to purchase a product or service, you are required to send a copy of your identification card and a copy of a document that proves your vendor status.

Transaction data: If you wish to purchase a product or service, we collect further financial data such as your bank account number.

Information regarding your visit: We track certain information based on your visit of the website, and we store certain information when you interact with us via one of our channels, such as by using our websites or smartphone applications. For instance, we use “cookies” and recieve certain information when your browser opens selectronic2k.hu.

We do nor collect, do not use cofident personal information regarding your religion, political or philosophical views, sexual orientation, ethnicity or health.

4. To what purposes do we use personal inormation?

The purposes of using personal information are basically the following

They play a part in fulfilling a contract;

  • They play a part in fulfilling a contract;
  • To befit legal regulations;
  • To protect our legitimate interests and goals as a commercial company;
  • To provide relevant products and servicesto you, once your consent is given;
  • To detect and prevent transgressions in accordance to the regulations that apply to our company.

5. For how long do we keep personal information?

We do not store your personal information any longer, than it is justified by the purpose of the collection of said information.

In regards to potential clients, we store data for 2 years. The data of our clients and suppliers are stored in accordance to the contracts and regulations as it is found in the policy in the next paragraph.

When assessing the storing period of personal data, we take into account the regulations relevant to storing personal data (for instance, a 7 year period in case of invoices).

In certain cases, it may be reuired to store certain information for longer than stated above, for instance, by the demands of an authority or in case of an ongoing legal dispute.

6. With whom do we share personal information?

We share personal information whithin SELECTRONIC 2000 Hungary Kft. Group, and in cases below besides SELECTRONIC 2000 Hungary Kft.

We might forward personal information to other companies related to SELECTRONIC 2000 Hungary Kft. Such as T2You Group Kft.

In certain cases we might be required by law to share personal information with third parties with whom we are obligated to share personal information. These third parties could be the tax authority, the police, the court of justice, intermediary board, or lawyers.

It may occur, that we share personal information with reliable third parties. These third parties could be internet providers, cloud providers, delivery companies, or financial institutions. We do not forward personal information to third parties for secondary or irrelevant purposes of usage.

7. Your safety is our number one priority

At SELECTRONIC 2000 Hungary Kft we are committed to introduce racional measures that protect stored personal information from being lost, being abused, or being used unauthorizedly.

For this purpose, we have a safety management framework, and we only permit access to personal data for those, who require them for everyday work at the company.

8. Your rights regarding your personal information

You have a right to access your personal information. By your inquiry we provide a description of your personal information in our possession, the purpose of collecting said information, third parties we might forwarded the information to, and the purposes for we might handled your persoal information wiht the help of an automated mechanism.

You have a right to correct your personal information. If you deem your personal information to be incorrect or incomplete, íou might make an inquiry to amend said information.

You have a right to inquire the deletion of your personal information. If you believe your personal information was processed illicitly, you may inquire to delete them.

You have a right to limit the usage of your personal information, and you may protest their usage.

You have a right to relocate your personal information data portability purposes.

9. Contact

If you have a question regarding the handling of your personal information or privacy policy, or you wish to practice your rights above, and/or you do not wish to receive personal offers, please contact us on one of the channels below.

E-mail: info@selectronic2k.com

Phone: +36-20-663-4299

Postal address: Headquarters: 2220 Vecsés, Arany János street 77/A.; Operations: 2220 Vecsés, Vigyázó Ferenc street 4/A.

If you are not satisfied by the way we handled your inquiry or complaint, you might report it to the National Privacy and Freedom of Information.

We are committed to information protection. Please contact us if you have any further questions.