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About us

Our company was founded at the start of 2007, mainly to supply electronic manufacturers.

A Selectronic 2000 Hungary Kft. an electronic partner of small and medium series of production, electronic manufacturer, system integrator, parts wholesaler in certain fields, deals with and distributes active, passive, electromechanic, custom parts (GSM-GPRS/GPS/RF and other devices regarding telemetries, controlling).

Selectronic 2000 Hungary Kft.

The main direction of our company is electronical manufacturing, but thanks to the experience and contacts from the decades spent with trading with electronics parts, we now acquire parts for whole projects of manufacturing, and we aim to be flexible, and to help all those who are in need of parts for sevice related activities. We aim to flexibly process every inquiry that concerns parts for a service/repair activity.

From 2019 our company distributes industrial electronic parts, to the greatest satisfaction of our customers.

What is our objective?

Our goal is to adjust our range of products to the incoming demands as precisely as possible, in quantity as well as in portability, maintaining the lowest possible prices for our partners.

As a constantly growing company we supply our partners with higher standards with out technical support, qualified staff, flexible, customer oriented approach and services, punctual deliveries.

We take quality policy seriously

Selectronic quality

Our company was launched at the start of 2007, focusing primarily on supplying parts to electronic manufacturers.

Our service is adjusted to the demand of our partners. In our depo we simulate every phase of the service offered to our partners. We emphasize on the regulation of each process. From the estimation of demands, to planning projects and finally to deliveries.

It is a priority of every colleague of ours to deliver the high quality products to the agreed deadline.

Selectronic Quality policy

We guarantee the customer’s satisfaction by meeting the standards agreed in the contract, and by doing a well organized, precise job. We aim to get better in solving problems by constant training. With continuous professional support and spare parts delivery we contribute to the daily production of our customers.

We achieve these goals with the help of our competent, adaptable colleagues and effective machinery in a pleasant workspace.

We deem meeting the quality requirements especially important, because:

  • it ensures the company’s long-term success;
  • it allows us to maintain and expand our base profile;
  • it maintains the company’s image, it’s competitiveness;
  • it increases efficiency, which reduces costs;
  • creates a secure circle of customers.

The management does everything in it’s power to develop, introduce, and maintain a quality approach, in every level of our organisation. It is a common interest of ours to become one with our goals, to understand what is required of us, to accept them, and to make them our priority.

The management makes sure that our quality policy is known and accepted, by holding seminars.

Tibor Takács
Executive Manager