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Car alarm and tracker

The device is a combined alarm and anti-theft system, which can be supplemented with GPS,SMS (text message) alert, and online tracking. Can be installed into any car with a can bus system, even into older models, however, in that case a little compromise may be needed at the end result.

Technical information

works similar to everyday car alarms.

Anti-theft system:

after turning off the alarm, after getting in the car, the system asks for identification, which means the car cannot be stolen with an acquired key. Identification may be done by a bluetooth mobile code of the client, by entering a pin number on a keyboard, by using a combination on the car’s own buttons (usually buttons on the steering wheel), or by a codecard using radiofrequency. Failing to succeed an identification, tha car can be started, but stops after a minute.


  • All the functions can be found in one device, which makes installing it easier, reduces the risk of an error, and reduces power consumption. In contrast to other devices on the market, the whole system is in one hand, the softwares, the can bus library, the blueprints of the hardware, the mobile applications, the website.
  • It integrates into the car’s manufacturer’s system perfectly, for example, if the locked car is in slumber mode, the device also reduces power consumption.

Recommended to

It can be beneficial to basically anyone, who wishes to protect their valuables, and wishes to avoid their property being stolen.